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Yulia Dotsenko is a UK-based visual artist and art historian. She holds an MLitt with Distinction in History of Art and Art-World Practice from Christie’s Education and the University of Glasgow. Her programme Art and Architecture from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Renaissance investigated material culture from Mesopotamia to Europe c.1500 studying key formative stages of Western Art. She also majored in Environmental Design and was classically trained in painting and drawing. In 2011, Dotsenko won the International Competition of Concepts “Space and the Future of Humanity.” She was featured in the documentary “Olympus: Four Paths to Reach the Gods” Greece, 2017; and 2020 TV Series, Episode 1. Her work documents the beauty and power of the natural world through visual art. Exploring different media, she is guided by scientific theories of colour and vision. Dotsenko’s long-standing interest in science and technology has led her to embrace innovative art media and experiment with digital painting. Her recent collaboration with the University of Exeter Environment and Sustainability Institute (The ESI Creative Exchange) resulted in an Art-Science exhibition that presented current world-leading research on wave energy extraction through a series of digital seascape paintings. Her ongoing work focuses on major environmental issues, such as climate change and its effects, and aims to raise awareness of these issues. Dotsenko's work is exhibited internationally and is held in private and public collections worldwide.

Critical Analysis

Yulia Dotsenko, the Critique by Timothy Warrington
Document of Critical Analysis. Artist: Yulia Dotsenko, Art Critic: Timothy Warrington, Chianciano Art Museum

Warrington, Timothy. Document of Critical Analysis. Artist: Yulia Dotsenko, Art Critic: Timothy Warrington, pp.1-20, Chianciano Art Museum

Published on Oct 28, 2014.

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